Theatre album by N.Shevelev.- Irkutsk, 1890-s.
191 lists. Cardboard binding.

N.Shevelev was an actor of Irkutsk theatre at the end of XIX c. The album, composed by him, includes scripts of playes and operas, which were performed on Irkutsk stage. These are the parts of "Eugenii Onegin", "Faustus", "Demon", "Queen of spades" poems and songs which were performed by him in concert programms. Very interesting are the verses devoted to P.Frederics (Irkutsk general-governer) in which his administrative capacities were hardly critisized.

Page of the manuscript

The activities of Town administration is reflected in the poem "Dumskoye Borodino". The condition of Irkutsk streets at the end of XIX c. is described in the verses "Walk along Big street" and "Walk along Pesteryovskaya street".

The books of such a kind are wery useful for regional investigations as an evidence of cultural and public life of the town.

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